Thursday, January 22, 2009

Therapy Sessions

While most the clients I worked with in Florida were men, I did counsel couples and women. I was surprised how many women would schedule an appointment with me -- about 25% of my clients. Some were there because their husband or boyfriend was overly concerned about the size of their penis and it was affecting their love life. The women really didn't care and in some cases felt their lover's penis wasn't small at all.

I also had some female clients who were concerned with the size of their lover's penis. In most cases, their desires were superficial. Just as some men feel their penis should at least be a certain size, a few women feel their lovers should measure up to an arbitrary standard. This standard is usually based on past sexual experience or the viewing of too many pornographic images. One trick I used is to compare their lover's penis with other penises (small and average). In my office, I always kept modeling clay. I would have the woman recreate her lover's penis -- focusing mostly on the length and girth and less on appearance, though some were true artists -- then I would have them compare their lover's penis with other models I had in my office. Most times, we would discover their lover's penis was quite average. There were a few small ones, but once they saw that there were other men as small or smaller, a light seemed to click. Again, their desires were superficial and once they got over the mental block that something was wrong with their lover, they were able to accept them as they were.

So, couples and women who have dealt with this issue, your comments are welcome as well.


  1. Beatiful,solo se Español.Kiss

  2. hi,
    mine is 4.5inches long and 4 inches around.i face the same problems like myize brotherhood does.kindly let me knoe the thraphy please,
    wrm regards.

  3. How can I arrange a therapy session ??? If you are in San Francisco now, I travel there on business occasionally and would love to schedule a session. My penis is less than one inch flaccid and is about 2 1/2 inches erect and about 2 1/2 inches in circumference. I think that qualifies as a small penis. I have felt humiliated my whole life. When I was a young boy, I was teased in the Boys Locker Room and my sexual experiences with girls were less than satisfactory. My First Wife turned me into a sissy cuckold and almost every woman since then has cuckolded me.

  4. By the way, you can contact me at

  5. hi,
    i and very married and have strong obsessive cuckold fantasies that drive me crazy and scare me at the same time. I guess i havent thought about having a small penis much but i know i am not huge.

    5.5 inches not sure on the girth and i have never thought to measure this. Would luv to schedule a session. I live and work in the east bay. I would luv to schedule a session. How would i contact you


  6. Hi Kathy,

    yes i guess have always felt small and inadequate. It sometimes scares me to be with a woman and i barley make 4 inches. I know i am not large but i have big heart. I Have to admit that i worry not being able to please a woman and find that i sometimes crave humialation. Not sure why or even if this is healthy. Not even sure who to talk to or approach discreatly about this.

    kindest regards

  7. A suggestion would be to allow your clients to use the clay to show how big of a penis they would want in their lives.

    I can see some folks asking for more clay.

    And, when the men ask for more clay, I would hope that you would raise an eyebrow, and then slowly, under your breath say, "god, another size-queen." And then just go get the box of clay, throw it down on the table, and say in a loud sarcastic voice, "Show mommy what kind of toy will make baby all better."

    Oh the wonderful hot in the neck humiliation.

    Life is great.

  8. Dear Kathy,

    Do you conduct therapy sessions by e mail or post (snail mail)?.I would mail you,but cant for technical reasons-i.e.function wont come up(a pun/Freudian slip?)in your profile.Could you give me your mail in reply here?