Friday, December 14, 2012

Small Penis and Erection Issues

I would say 90% of the male clients I see have had trouble getting and maintaining erections on a regular basis.  There are a number of things that can cause this and some are physical, so my first task was to eliminate the physical causes, which would leave only the emotional/psychological.  And even here there can be many underlying causes, but if a man has a smaller than average sized penis, there's a good chance I can work with him to get his cock at full attention.

One client was a young, attractive, successful businessman.  He had a number of women who pursued him, but as powerful as he was in the world, he was utterly withdrawn in the bedroom.  His erect penis measured 3.5 inches in length and just a tad over 3 inches in girth (one of the smallest I had worked with).  When he was in high school, he had been humiliated by a girlfriend and she wasted no time in spreading the rumor of his underendowment. 

This deeply affected him and ruined his adult sex life.  When he came to me he had had a series of short relationships with women. The relationships ended in the bedroom -- not because of his size, but because of his utter fear of exposing himself.  He would never let them touch it, would never take it out of his underwear until he was fully erect.  But each time, instead of growing, it shrank even more. He said it was worse than what happens when it's cold.

In my office, I measure all my male clients, but I wasn't able to that first visit.  His penis retracted beneath his pubic hair so that all that was visible were his testicles.  It took several office visits where I had to dig deeper and get him to open up about his experiences before I was able to measure his penis.  He ejaculated just as I was measuring his girth.  He said it was the first time he'd ever been brought to orgasm by another person. 

He had a lot to overcome and sometimes just expressing it -- talking about it -- can make one accept tragic experiences and finally come to know that they are in the past. 

He finally met a woman he felt he could confide in.  After telling her everything, she took on the role of nurturing lover.  He said later it took about a week before he was confident enough to achieve a full erection and have a normal sex life with the woman who would become his wife.

If you have this problem, sometimes it's best to open up and communicate with a potential lover.  She should know ahead of time that you feel you have a small penis and this sometimes prevents you from achieving an erection.  If she laughs and breaks off the contact, then she wouldn't have been accepting of you or your penis in the first place.  But if she stays and takes on therole of a nurturing, understanding lover, then all you have to do is communicate, caress and touch.

She'll do the rest.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Men with Tiny Penises and Women with Large Breasts

I have had several female clients over the years who have come to me because either their husbands or boyfriends were under endowed and they were seeking help to deal with their lover's shortcomings or to help him overcome feelings of inadequacy.  The women as a group were representative of our population: white, hispanic, asian, black, tall, short, thin, athletic, average, obese, etc.  But a majority of them had another trait that I had never picked up on until one client finally blurted out in a session: "Why are men with small penises so attracted to women with large breasts?"

I told her that I didn't think that was the case, that men with small penises are no more likely to be attracted to a woman with large breasts as they are to a flat-chested woman.  She argued that she had  four lovers with small penises and two of her friends (both D cups) had three lovers each who did not measure up.  Her more modestly endowed friends either had one such lover or none at all.

I still didn't believe her, but when I went over my female clients over the past few years in my mind, I realized there was something there.  I contacted each of them and all were willing to give me their measurements.  As it turns out, 72% of my female clients who had lovers with small penises were a D cup or larger. And of those, 84% reported having at least one more lover who possessed a small erect penis and 76% reported having two or more previous under endowed lovers.  By contrast all of the modestly endowed women who came to me seeking help were experiencing a below average erect penis for the first time.

So what does this mean?  I don't know...My study is but a small sample of what's going on out there.  I do wonder, however, if men who feel inadequate are drawn to women with large breasts because there is something innately nurturing about them?

What do you think?

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