Monday, October 25, 2010

Famous Erections

This week Keith Richard's book, Life, was released and in it he revealed that Mick Jagger, according to a lover they shared, has a tiny penis. This thrilled me when I first read it, but I know that such revelations are rarely true. And so I was not surprised when Mick's ex-wife Jerry Hall stated to the press that Mick was very well endowed.

Of course, none of his other lovers have stepped forward in his defense...So it does make one wonder.

But there are whispers around Hollywood regarding other celebrity penises -- most about who is well hung (David Letterman, Harrison Ford, Charlie Chaplin). I am interested in those on the opposite end of the penile spectrum. From what I have been able to gather, the smallest of the small belong to Tom Jones, Wayne Newton, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and potentially Kevin Costner (but Costner's smallness was observed flaccid in cold running water -- hardly a true test).

Have any of you heard of other famous men who possess a small erect penis?

Friday, April 23, 2010

The TS/CD Question

There are a number of transexuals and crossdressers out there who have very small erect penises. But, like all groups, there are also those with large penises and average penises. What seems to happen is that some straight men have begun to fantasize about transexuals who have very feminine qualities (what is often referred to as "passable") and a small erect penis fits the bill. It may be that some men would be turned off by a very effeminate shemale who was more endowed than they, but I think it has more to do with a small penis standing in for a large erect clitoris. Of course, there are also those men who crave well endowed shemales. This is why most websites cater to both. Where you might find ten groups about endowed shemales, there are usually one or two catering to the petite penis.

But these are just my ramblings. What say you?