Friday, April 23, 2010

The TS/CD Question

There are a number of transexuals and crossdressers out there who have very small erect penises. But, like all groups, there are also those with large penises and average penises. What seems to happen is that some straight men have begun to fantasize about transexuals who have very feminine qualities (what is often referred to as "passable") and a small erect penis fits the bill. It may be that some men would be turned off by a very effeminate shemale who was more endowed than they, but I think it has more to do with a small penis standing in for a large erect clitoris. Of course, there are also those men who crave well endowed shemales. This is why most websites cater to both. Where you might find ten groups about endowed shemales, there are usually one or two catering to the petite penis.

But these are just my ramblings. What say you?


  1. Well, firstly let me say how happy I am to see you blogging again. I have missed your blog and I am delighted to see you back.

    Perhaps I shouldn't comment, as shemales (bi entirely) isn't my thing. I wonder if what one seeks as far as a shaemale's endowment is at all correlated to their preferred role. Do dominant men seek out shemales with a small or average size penis and submissive men seek out better endowed shemale?

  2. Hi, I'm so glad to see you back here posting again. So did you find that lover in San Francisco yet?

  3. please post more often!
    about isn't my thing at all...

  4. So yes, I have a little dick & yes shemales turn me on!! I've been with 2: The first had a Tiny Penis & was just kind of my experiment date. The second had an enormous cock & She was about the Hottest Girl I have ever met! Both were great, but I only wanted to see the Big Cock Girl again. I agree with hotspur18, because when I dream of the big cock girl, I am definitely in the submissive role......

  5. Welcome back Kathy, I've missed your blogging. As a man with a very small cock, I concur with your idea that a shemale with a tiny cock is attractive from the overssized clit point of view.

  6. Great post Kathy! Do you have an email that I can use to reach you? I have a sensitive matter to convey. Thanks!

  7. I have a small penis, and I LOVE shemales. The penis size is important and I like them small---3 to 5 inches. They fit in my mouth better.

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  9. Thanks for adding me as a friend on flickr Kathy.

  10. te puedo compartir más fotos de small penis shemale de esas Kathy

  11. I've never found myself attracted to Men or masculine features. I have quite the 'anal' fetish and consider myself into the whole 'dominant/submissive' roles during sex. (I'm the dominant type)
    As you can imagine, when I'm with a "passable" trans gurl, -who has no choice but to give her ass as a pussy- sex is more often than not; the best.
    When I'm with a girl who has a very small penis, it only solidifies my roll and hers. My first trans-gurl had been taking hormones since her teens, was castrated, and her penis was literally that of a newborn. She didn't get hard but could orgasm from penetration.
    Needless to say, I was completely unaware of her secret up until I tried multiple times to insert myself into her scrotum. (give me a break. It was dark and we had a couple drinks. LoL)
    Honestly though, even after my brain was able to understand everything, I treated it as if she just had a different type of clit.
    She encouraged me to make love to her ass just as I would a pussy.
    I was extremely impressed with her ability to accommodate me and we dated for over 2 years.
    There is no doubt in my mind that I would have chosen her as a wife. If only I didn't feel the urge to have offspring.

    I digress; for a straight man who would like to have THE BEST sex of your life, pray that you find a sweet humble girl with a small penis.
    I tried other ts gurls on and off after her.
    95% of them had the same thing in common: they would go to extream measures to sexually satisfy.
    It might just be in my head, but I found that the smaller the penis, the better the ass felt.
    Or (as most of the gurls) after being inside for a couple mins their penis tends to shrink up as they receive. This also causes it to feel more accommodating.

    Final thoughts: Get tricked!
    The girl you brought home appears to have something extra?
    Go for it!
    Chances are if she found you in a "Straight" club, then she is sexually all woman. So you don't need to worry about 'getting fucked'.
    Hands down, TS girls are the best sex for a hung straight guy.

  12. i just adore shemales with tiny little weenies. They look so cute bouncing up and down as they ride a Big Cock, just wanna suck on them!

  13. Dear Mistress Kathy,

    being a sissy myself i'm just too glad that i have a tiny peepee only. And even if i'm not a real transsexual (who is a 'woman inside') i in fact prefer to call my peepee a clitty.

    Yes, i'm a bisexual submissive sissy and i want to be as cute and fuckable i can be. And if i could i'd love to have to have a set of breasts like a real bimbo. But i definitely don't want to compete with any real Men!

    * curtsey *

    sissy moan

  14. I find my self attracted to convincing she makes and part of that attraction is a very small cock. I like the cock to be present but too large and it makes the she male unconvincing in my eyes

  15. I have a small dick, i'm married an bi and love shemales! specially the ones with small dicks but I have been with 3 of them - 1 was huge and fucked me, the other 2 were the same size and 1 much thinner... The second 2 were the best in bed and i would choose a shemale over a real girl any day!! :) best blowjob EVER from the one with the thin cock!!

  16. I am a She-male TV/TG who has an incredibly tiny "clittie". Although it looks like a micro-size, miniature version of a Real Man's cock ... IT IS NOT !!! ... It actually looks and functions much more like a genetic girl's clitoris. I hook-up with about 40-50 Real Men each year, mostly Black Men, and my experience is that many, perhaps most, Black Men love a sissy TG with a tiny little clittie. Many of them state openly that they prefer sissies with tiny clitties and many of them tell me how much they love the fact that I am not only tiny, but that I am soft, limp and impotent while they are penetrating me. As they slide in and out of me, They clearly enjoy looking down to see my tiny little clittie bouncing, flouncing and flopping about helplessly and the comparison between their thick, long Black Cocks and my almost invisible little pin-size, shriveled up skin tag gives them great visual pleasure and reaffirms their Masculinity and their Dominance. Because I am sooo tiny, my silky panty front looks smooth and flat just like a genetic girl. Consequently, when I am dressed en femme, I am very passable and as a result I am frequently asked to pop out of cakes at Bachelor Parties or to serve drinks at Super Bowl Parties. Many of the Men at these gatherings do not even suspect I was born as a male. In fact, I have had a couple of instances where Men have taken me to a bedroom and I have gotten on all fours and simply pulled my panties to the side so they could enter me and they never suspected that I wasn't a female. I've had many other instances where the Men never realized what they were dealing with until they finally lured me back to one of the bedrooms and actually stripped off my panties. Their shocked reactions can be quite amusing, however, I find it interesting that I have never had one of them get up and leave at that point. They are too intrigued with my femininity and too curious about how I perform and react sexually. Admittedly, in most cases, they are also too drunk and too horny to really care as long as my boi-pussy is nice n tight, wet n juicy. Many Black Men tell me they have friends who have been searching for a tiny clittie sissy, like me, and, as you might suspect, they eagerly pass me around to their friends. I have a group of regulars who periodically enjoy playing with me because they so enjoy the effeminate silhouette of a tiny clittie sissy.

    Your sissy she-male TV/TG,
    ms. karli kunt

  17. I would love to find a beautiful, passable lady who had a larger penis than me. I'm only 4.3" length and girth so a lady with 6" inches or more and I would be in love. I'm in the DC area. Ladies, please write!

  18. hi Kathy, i must say that as a tiny penis person myself, i do adore Shemales, and males. i prefer them to be larger sized as i luv to submit to their prowress
    Like my Wife, i have to agree that a Man with a large penis is a very sexy person

  19. As a man with only 4c shaved smooth...I can really say I enjoy any size. They both turned on..being smaller is a great position to be in.