Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Measuring Up

A few years ago a new female client complained that her husband's erect penis was too small to satisfy her.  This is a common complaint in my office from women because it is my specialty, but hers had a unique twist.  After my initial interview with her, I began to suspect that her husband's penis was probably average.  Before her husband, she had only had sex with two other men in her life.  On our second session, I gave her a block of clay and asked her to sculpt as accurately as possible the length and girth of her husband's penis and of the two penises she has previously experienced.

The sculpture of her hsuband's penis measured 7 inches inlength and 5 inches in girth.

The sculpture of her first lover's penis measured 8.5 inches in length and 5.5 inches in girth and the sculpture of the lover she had before her husband measured 9.25 inches in length and over 6.5 inches in girth.

Her husbands' erect penis is actually a bit above average, but because of her limited experience, she assumed he was quite below average.

I always preach that communication is the key to resolving all issues in the bedroom and this was no different.  She had to openly and honestly discuss the issue of penis size with him and it took over a month before she finally had the talk.  He was devastated at first, but after a few weeks decided to come with her to my office for a session.  He admitted he was quite aroused when she described her former lover's organs and was open to the idea of either watching her make love to a man with a larger penis or participating.  She, however, did not want to have a penis larger than his.  She wanted his penis to satisfy her.

I gave her a routine that included kagel exercises and masturbation, with her husband's help, with small dildos.  But after a month she still hadn't noticed much of a difference.  In the end, what worked for her was to in fact take on another lover. Not a lover with a large penis, but a lover with a very small one.  Her husband was able to experience his voyeuristic fantasies while she was able to recalibrate her vagina and mind to accept her husband's penis for the above-average organ it is.  After two love making sessions with her smaller lover, her husband was able to bring her to orgasm.  She told me later that her husband felt immensely larger and had never had better sex with him.

The couple is still together and she continues to retain the services of her small lover.

One of my female clients years ago said that a small penis works better than a decade's worth of kagel exercises.

In the end, just about any man can experience what it's like to have a small penis or even a large penis.  It just depends on the experiences of your current lover.