Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quick Draw

I have had several debates with colleagues regarding penis size and chronic premature ejaculation.  Granted there are many men out there who suffer from premature ejaculation for a variety of reasons, but I am focused on those men with small erect endowments who tend to ejaculate prematurely at a higher rate than men with average to above average erect endowments.

My belief is that a man with a small cock is so focused on his cock that any other sensation is almost ignored.  All he feels is the wetness and warmth surrounding his cock -- almost everything else is blocked out.  When this happens, the sensation is greatly heightened and ejaculation culminates in a matter of seconds.

One colleague feels that ejaculation is a kind of surrender or submission.  She feels that men with small cocks who suffer from chronic PE feel submissive when they have exposed their erections to a woman -- even one they trust and love -- and that ejacualtion is but an unconscious reaction of that submission.

I don't know...The men I've worked with have stated over and over that they think of nothing but their small cocks once they are erect in front of a lover.  Could they be unconsciouly submitting to their lovers? I don't know...

Of course, not all men who suffer from chronic PE have small penises.  And there are many men with average or larger cocks who suffer from PE, but even those who are average and above average can lose control if they focus only on their cocks.

For those men who feel they suffer because they have a small cock, they are already focusing too much on their cock.  It takes time and patience to learn how to enjoy every aspect of sex.  Again, it all boils down to open and honest communication.  If you suffer from PE and are constantly thinking about the size of your cock, tell your lover!  That simple act might open a dialogue that will lead to better understanding and better sex for both of you.

My advice for all lovers:

Ask direct questions; give explicit answers; share dark fantasies; tell your lover what you imagined the last time you masturbated; and take turns telling each other exactly what you want your lover to do

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Woman's Perspective

I have received a lot of emails from women who find themselves on a particular side of the penis size issue.  They are tired of hearing their lovers continually ask if their erect cock is too small for them. 

This is a delicate issue because some of these men are genuinely concerned and worried that they are indeed too small.  But, as I have written before, honesty is always the best policy.  Most of the women who have written me said they dismissed their worries with a quick, "It's not small!" or "size doesn't matter!".  These responses are not likely to have the desired effect and will more likely lead to more worry and more questions. 

There are also men who WANT to be told they have a small penis, whether they do or not.  This should be treated as any other fantasy/fetish in the bedroom between two honest and consenting adults.  My advice is, tell him what he wants to hear, but make sure that he plays along with any of your fantasies the next time.

But to those who are overly concerned...Here is what I would do:

Take your lover to the bedroom and ask him to remove all of his clothes while you do the same.  Then  ask him to lay on his back while you lie next to him and gently stroke his penis.  Don't talk to him and just shush him if he begins to talk.  Once he is fully erect, ask him if he thinks he has a below average penis.  What ever he says, tell him that the average erect penis is about 5.5 inches in length and about 4.5 inches in girth (objective part).  Then tell him what you think of his penis -- be honest!  (subjective part)  

Take out a fabric tape measure (which is made of cloth and not metal!) and measure his length and then his girth.  If he is average to above average in both categories, you can tell him so.  If he is below average in one category or both, you need to have an honest and deep discussion about his penis.  Start by examining it, note every vein, mole, wrinkle, etc.  You need to totally focus on his penis with your hands and words.  Tell him he has a beautiful penis, one worthy of your full attention.

If your lover asks about other lovers and their cocks, be honest.  If you try to shelter them from humiliation, they'll sense it, which is more humiliating than the truth. 

This is something you will have to do at least four times a week for a few months.  They are obsessed with the size of their penis.  You need to share in that obsession for a while, too.