Sunday, January 18, 2009

Small and Fast

One problem I often help men with small penises with is premature ejaculation. Now, there are quite a few men out there who suffer from PE who do not have small penises and are quite confident in their size. There are two schools of thought here and I think it is a little of both. Number one, if you are not confident in the size of your penis, you focus too much on it during sex. Focusing all your attention on your penis - wondering if she thinks it is too small, how you think it feels in her -- makes it difficult to maintain some measure of control. Number two, a man is most vulnerable when he ejaculates -- mentally, physically, and sexually -- ejaculation is a form of submission. When a man feels he doesn't measure up, a part of him coils in submission to his female lover. He may not feel submissive because it is hidden, deep down inside.

Myself, I think it is a combination of both. As I stated in an earlier post, honesty helps immensely. If you have a small penis and you let her know and you discuss it with her, chances are you will be more at ease and perhaps a little more confident when you have intercourse. You might even notice you last much longer.


  1. I have sufffered PE from time to time, usually after a longer break between sex and getting too excited. An advantage of being small, I recover very quickly and can retain an erection long after PE, and ocassionally have multiple ejaculations, the second coming after a much longer effort.
    I agree with everything you said, however I also think PE is partly caused by our physical length. We smaller guys tend to thrust in to the hilt with every move where much longer guys physically don't fit to the hilt.

    But the big guys don't get the incredible sensation of having their entire length on the inside...there's no feeling like it

  2. Kathy...would have sought you for some therapy when you lived in Tampa Bay, which is not far from where i live. i am 6 inches, slender, don't get very hard, don't last and the smallest, least lasting man my Wife has had. Her previous man was a good 8 inches very thick, could go all night (and in the morning) too... so i know my wifeis disappointed...would be nice to have been with a woman at least once who has a fetish for men like me! :)

  3. I have it all- a small, thin weenie-4.25" long, girth 3.75", and a lifelong problem with PE as well as another problem more typical of a small penis than a large one, occasional incontinence.My first sexual experiences involved me coming very soon- usually in my shorts while I was making out with a GF.Or I would come as soon as the woman tried to guide my dick inside her or at best last a couple of strokes.I finally did marry but was careful to not have sex before the wedding. It didn't work out. As I wet the bed she wouldn't sleep with me. My small penis would last a minute at best and she left me for a guy with a bigger dick. Now I've lost my job and I'm sleeping on plastic sheets in my mom's basement. Mom sympathizes with the ex-wife- she left Dad because he had a tiny penis just like mine.

  4. I have a small penis. There I said it. I hate myself because of it. I wish things were different. I hope to find a woman as understanding as Kathy one day. I read all the threads. They were as helpful as they could be. My length is slightly under average (5") but I'm way more concerned about my girth (4") I've been with a few woman and do everything I can to please them. But it always ends the same they leave me for another. Is it because of my penis. I don't believe its always the case but definitely it was sometimes. I was open to all of them about had I felt about myself but none seemed to fully understand. You do seem to be understanding and maybe even empathetic towards those who suffer. Thank you so much for that. It gives me hope. I would like someone I could talk about this with if you're available. Or perhaps you know a colleague who lives near me that could help. I constantly obsess over how I'll never be able to please a partner like they deserve. Its been over 5 years since my last girlfriend. Afraid to get another because I live in a small town and don't want someone blabbing it to other women. Frightened of this happening. I truly hope to find someone who is wiling to accept my short coming and even like you said "obsess over it with them for as long as it takes. I thought that was excellent advice for women. Personally I want someone who is sympathetic towards my situation and has an understanding of how much pain and grief this has brought me. So when you told other women to nurture their partner I thought that was great advice as well. Its not like we wished this on ourselves. Its so frustrating when you open up to someone and they don't seem to grasp the severity of how much this has affected me. My email address is hunterbs32@gmail.! If you're still helping others like me I would love to chat.