Thursday, January 15, 2009

A small penis

I think I should begin this blog with a simple definition for "small penis".

Many men feel they have an inadequate penis simply because the length is short of six inches. But a short penis does not necessarily equate with a small penis. A small penis is both shorter than average and thinner than average. In fact, the few women who feel that penis size truly matters really prefer girth over everything else. So what is a small penis? Any erect penis that measures 4.5 inches or less in length and 4 inches or less in girth (circumference) is a small penis. The average sized penis is between 5 and 7 inches in length and 4.5 and 5.5 inches in girth. So if your penis falls within those parameters, you are fine; you are normal.

If your penis falls below those parameters, then your penis is considered small. That's who I'm here for.



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  2. I think I may be your perfect patient. Just show me the couch...and I'm ready

  3. Thank you both. Is there anything you specifically would like to know?

  4. You mention that you have a small penis fetish; what is it that you like about us smaller than average guys? I've never discussed this topic with anyone and look forward to reading your thoughts.

  5. I think it was one lover long ago. He had a very small erect penis -- less then 4 inches long -- and he was terribly shy about it. My nurturing side came out and I guided him through a night of pure ecstasy. I thought for the longest time it was just him. Lovers I had afterward didn't match that passion. My arousal was diminished each time. Then I had another lover with a small penis, and it just clicked. That's what I needed. If a man had a small penis, I was aroused beyond words and all senses were heightened. Orgasms are more intense and longer lasting...Does that answer your question?

  6. Thank you for the response...and the erotic image provided through your words.

  7. A penis that is not large plays nicely into cuckolding games for couples who are so inclined.

  8. Kathy. i am so glad there is at least one women out there that really understands us. i for one am both small and thin. tiny in both directions. everything you talk about with regard to fantasies of cucking and submission, is all true for me. i have limited myself to on-line since i like most i suspect are fearful of there existing relationship going south for bring the fantasy to reality. so it it that not only do with have substandard equipment and get humiliated in locker rooms, but we also have to hide in the shadows of our minds. you are a breath of fresh air! my email is I would be happpy to share more thought and pics with you in the name of advancing this topic! jm

  9. I have a triple deficiency: (1) I'm short at about 2 1/2 inches erect and less than 1/2 inch flaccid; and, (2) I'm very thin at less than 3 inches in circumference; and, (3) I suffer from premature ejaculation so severely that sometimes I shoot off even before entering my lover's pussy and at best can last only about a minute. I have been psychologically traumatized by these traits since I was a young boy. My first wife was a virgin adn when she discovered my triple deficiencies, turned me into a cuckold. Future girlfriends have usually dumped me after our first time being intimate. I'm so submissive over my weaknesses that I don't think your therapy could help me......however, I really wish that it could. Unable to function as a male, I have become a sissified, femme crossdresser who has discovered that while I can't satisfy women, I can sexually satisfy men.

  10. Hi Kathy - I have a thought for you...I have a penis that is 5.375 inches when erect and 4.375 in circumference at the thickest part...though it is pretty uniform (You can see I am after every last eighth inch). I have had my wife and two other women admit to me that I was too small to feel good and to get them to orgasm. Does your definition of size consider at all not just size relative to the universe of men but also relative to how much is needed to pleasure a woman? My wife only admitted that I was too small 10 years into our relationship and now says she really misses and has missed for a long time, having deep and powerful orgasms. She rarely orgasms with me. Also...interestingly...she is the only woman out of the 13 I've slept with that ever actually achieved vaginal orgasm. My long time college girlfriend could only get to a certain point with sex and then would have me finish her off orally, though she admitted she was able to achieve vaginal orgasms with her other lovers. Would love your feed back. Thanks,

  11. I have a 4.5 x 4.0 pink circumsized play toy. The head is a little bigger than the shaft, and I shave the whole area.

    I feel that small cocked men should be thin. See, I want people to fantasize about bringing be home with them to use as they like - nicely I might add.

    My little body, and little pink eraser of a cock is sweet, cute and delicious to those how know. Use what you got I say. Even if it is small like a 10 year old boy, which makes me only slightly different than female in classification. Gosh it makes me horny. I love being me.

  12. i am little over 5 in length and like 4.25 in girth. where do i fit in, in your opinion?

  13. Kathy, I am extremely trouble by my size. I am 5.25 in length and 4 in girth. Im not to terribly worried about length as it can get to about 6 inches when pushed down into the fat. My worries are with my girth. 4 inches is horrible! I hate hearing people complain when tey have 5 inches in girth and think theyre small. Please help. Im to a point where Im almost afraid to go out and meet women just because on the off chance we might have sex.

  14. i have a 5 inch penis with a 2 inch girth. i need help really really bad. i have had gfs give me bjs and stuff but they never want to have sex. i tired doggy style on time but my penis was to small to reach her vigiana. help me please. email me

  15. i am 3 inches limp uncircumcised small ball sack but grow to 6'' long x 5.5 girth with a boner but i still consider myself small cocked and have total cock size envy whenever i see a well hung stud in the mens room or gym shower!

  16. Well All of you will say that I'm crazy, my penis is 4 1/2 but what I really want and being trying to do without success is to have my little penis complete flaccid forever. I hate erection and I don't want to use hormones to keep flaccid. Please somebody help me.

  17. Hi Kathy,

    Really interested to read your blog,as this subject interests me.It interests me especially that you say you actually like them smaller!.

    My take on this is unusual,in that I actually have a large penis-actually very large by some definitions(Id say 5-7"is a bit of an exageration as counting as average-average is really under 6").

    Theres very little discussion on the net and elsewhere of the problems of having a large one-although a few blogs(eg the "trixie pie"cuckolding site) do talk about this in relation to shame,cuckolding etc.

    In my view its time for a reappraisal of the old stereotypes,and for someone to redresss the balance-e.g.Im actually envious of guys with smaller ones!.

    Theres an awful lot of myths around about big dicks,many of them centered around the porn industry etc.True,there are some guys hung like the proverbial horse who are ultra virile,but there is no reason why a big one is any harder,or stays up for any longer than a small one!.

    Many of the sizes quoted for porn stars are an exageration at any rate,and when one figures in photoshop and surgery,any claim for having one over 8 or 9"has to be taken with a pinch of salt.You also have to remember viagra!.There ARE dicks larger than this in existence,but they are as rare-or rarer than people being over 7 foot tall say.

    Secondly,the sad truth is that most guys with very big ones are as much "Freaks"(if you want to use that word) as men with micro penises-ones under 2 or 3" long.Many of them (us!)are closet gay,trannie,etc etc or are just very bad in bed-and many are impotent,or semi-impotent.

    Statisticaly and scientificly it is a general rule that the bigger the penis is,the harder it is to get it up,and also to maintain an erection:imagine puffing air into a huge baloon,not a little one!.Added to that the time taken to regain an erection is,in general-much longer after orgasm.

    As if that wasnt enough,in the unlikely event that the very big dicked man has none of these problems,there is also the pitfall that he is simply too long-and/too wide-to comfortably "fit" into many women!.Therefore-again,even IF he has done of the above issues,he often has to resign himself to masturbation and/or (usually passive)homosexuallity.

    Personally speaking,my penis is nearly 9" in length,and also wide,and I can confirm that I suffer from ALL of the above problems!.Not only am I semi-impotent(psychologically,not due to any specific medical condition),I suffer from premature ejaculation,and "on a gain-off again" erections.Not only that,but I am basiclly lousy in bed.Like many large dicked men,I am selfish,Im told,and all in all have been unable to keep-or evn satisfy a woman all my life,with posibly one acception.Neither am I short,ugly or stupid!.

    It just goes to show that having a large one is no guarantee of being any good at sex/in bed.Of the 60% of women quoted here who sa "SIZE MATTERS" my bet is that close to 100% would say that what you do with it ("its what you do with it that counts"!) matters more and certainly ALL- OR ALMOST ALL WOMEN WOULD PREFER A SMALL DICKED MAN WHO WAS POTENT,VIRILE AN MASCULINE TO ONE WHO WAS BASICALLY A BIG DICKED SISSY.

    Many men must-like me-be pushed onto the edges of the s and m and cuckolding scene because their only refuge is in the exquisite humiliation and irony of basically being a "big-dicked loser".I wonder then if you have actually hd more men like me in therapy Kathy?.

    To my mind any man with a penis between 4 and 5,or 5 and- a- half inches is a very respectable size,with 6"-along with a reasonable girth-probably being the "golden mean",and the very best of both worlds.Men with so called small ones who are virile and can please a woman should stop complaining in my view,as for me having a very big penis has got me nowhere,and the thing is basically useless both to me and to any women,accept as a kind of joke,just the same as a very small one!

    1. As a 4..25" long and 3.75 " girth erect smalldick I find your comments interesting . I am in my fifiies and have had a lifetime of problems relating to little dick dudes , married twice , cuckolded both times , two kids that really were the bulls' kids , that I was forced to raise , both wives and numerous GFs dumping me , often due to my boy sized dick . Yet I can still and always was able to get erect , while it seemed that other guys I know with way larger cocks who are my age not only can't get it up but seemed plagued with urological or incontinence problems .And several of the wives' / GFs' bigcocked dude died really youmg , possibly due to their Type A / substance abusing tendencies . All that had made me wonder if it is healthier long- term , albeit humiliating , to be a little- dicked dude . I've wondered if knowing my teeny -weenie doesn't measure up kept me from confronting other guys or from taking myself too seriously .

    2. Hi little dick!

      Only just read your post!.VERY INTERESTING AND AGREE!.

      Im not even in my fifties yet actually,and am quite envious about you being able to get your small one up!.You say its humiliating for you,but at least you can get an erection and keep it!(I CAN ONLY LAST SECONDS!!) I dont even have the excuse of a small one either!

      As I say above,my 8"+ dick is useless and I envy smaller guys.Would really like to know your take on this Kathy,if your out there,and if I could be used in therapy somehow in contact with you and small dicked guys?

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  19. I have a small penis.One inch hard and between 3-4 inches hard. I am looking for a female that likes or appreciates my small member. If there is anyone who want to chat about small penis and maybe exchange pics. Please contact me.