Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Small Penis Therapy

The first thing that I must do when a man comes into my office complaining of having a penis that is too small, I have to confirm that he does indeed possess a small penis. I have had men tell me their size and I have had men expose their flaccid penis in my office, but I have to get an accurate measurement while they are erect. It is a difficult thing to do for them because, as I have posted before, a man is never more vulnerable than when his erection is exposed.

Although I have worked as a sex surrogate, my profession now is strictly counseling, so touching a client's penis is strictly forbidden. Instead, I have the men pull down their pants and underwear and slowly stroke themselves until they are fully erect. I then have them measure their own penis with a fabric tape measure -- length and girth at the mid-shaft. If they are truly small, then my counseling goes in one direction. But if they are not, then my counseling focuses on the reasons why they feel they have a small penis.

One client came into my office and, like most, was extremely nervous about exposing his erection. His penis rose about half way up, then stopped. The head didn't swell or turn a different shade. But he took the tape and began to measure. I stopped him and said that he wasn't fully erect. He said that he was and so I was stumped. I know that men's erections are all different -- not only are they different sizes, but they present themselves in different ways. But my instincts told me that he had a little more to grow. Perhaps he has some mental block that prevents him from becoming fully erect? Perhaps he has some physical problem...My mind compiled all the possibilities.

Yet, he insisted he was fully erect. Without thinking, I reached out and grasped his penis. Two things happened. 1. I realized he WAS fully erect. And 2. He ejaculated the instant my hand touched his penis. In my surrogate days, this was a common occurrence and the men always reacted with a little humiliation while apologizing over and over. But this man was different. When he ejaculated, he did so with powerful thrusts and moans. His semen pulsed all the way to my blouse and I was an arm's length away. This is when I realized my hand was still grasping his penis, I never let go. He was grateful and he thanked me over and over. I felt horrible. I had broken a sacred trust by touching a client in a sexual manner. I continued to counsel him, but it was difficult because he always expected me to please him in some way. I must confess, when he came on my blouse, I tingled all over. I felt powerful -- and wet.

In the end, he became my lover. It was a passionate affair that lasted two years before we went our separate ways.

Just for the record, his erect penis measured 3 and three quarter inches in length and 3 and a half inches in girth at the mid-shaft.


  1. so not only does he have a below average cock he suffers from premature ejaculation.....

  2. Yes, he did recover...

    His premature ejaculation was related to his lack of confidence in the size of his penis. Once I helped him over that, he was able to last much longer.

  3. Wow a really interesting blog you have there Kathy!

  4. Wow, you must have had quite an effect on him to bring him to a powerful ejaculation on just one touch. I can't say I've ever had the pleasure of such a majic touch....but it sure sounds like something a guy would never forget.

  5. You obviously gave him something most of us tiny guys desire. Attention. The fact that You handled his penis was such a an obvious turn on to him made him cum instantly. Most of us small penis guys are so convinced that women laugh at us and want nothing to do with a small guy. You showed him respect, and that is something we crave. thanks for your blog. You have a rare understanding of us and we all appreciate it! jm

  6. Wow, I must admit that this sounds perfect!

    I don't have any real intimate contact w/ women at all. My sexual expression is thru porn.

    The only real physical contact I have w/ women is non-sensual massage and laser hair removal. although i never have an erection while experiencing either thing, I am aroused mentally, and as soon as I get home, I masturbate for hours just based on these experiences.

    I would love to come into your office and measure my penis in your presence. Just you watching would turn me on, even if that's not the goal of the therapy.

  7. ha! thats an amazing story kath.

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  9. I wud luv to cum to ur office and have u laugh at my 6 inch cock while jerking me off. I wud be so utterly humiliated and wud blush from head to toe for u in private.

  10. I'm hard and jerking off right now thinking of ur hand wrapped around beat red rod and my utterly purple head.

  11. I had an alike but different situation. I had a
    Physical going into the army. I was shy and inexperienced and very embarrassed when asked to remove my underwear. I immediately got hard. When the doctor (a male by the way) manipulated my penis I had a sudden unexpected orgasm. I was SO embarrassed. I think it surprised him too!

    1. I will add that I wanted to die and think it was over I reached for my underwear. He stopped me and told me the exam wasn't over. My penis shrank into my body so only my balls and a small piece of skin was visible. I felt exposed and vulnerable. He then asked me to bend
      over and spread my cheeks. I guess you all know what happened next. I stuck not one but TWO fingers in my virgin butt. I moaned in pain but felt a jolt of electricity run thru my body. My penis got hard again. I now know he was stimulating my prostate. I got light headed and went weak in the knees. My penis began to pour out cum. I was mortified once again. I was afraid it meant I was gay and wouldn't be allowed into the military. He assured me that it was a common occurrence. I still was terribly embarrassed and could not get dressed and out fast enough!